Update on the 3 Missing Yosemite Women: A Grizzly Find

With a few snowflakes still falling (undetectable in this graphic), Tuolumne County Sheriff Dick Rogers announces that the search for a 3rd victim had to be temporarily called off because of 6 inches of snow overnight.  Any trampling of feet in the crime scene could destroy possibly valuable evidence concealed by that snow.

On the first step behind Sheriff Rogers, Tuolumne County D.A. Nina Deane (wearing blue parka with purple collar) who would be chief prosecutor. To her right (wearing leather jacket & levis) Sacramento District FBI Director Jim Maddock who continues to command a 50 person special task force to solve this crime.

Image03.jpg (119350 bytes)

This is a helicopter shot of the burned vehicle. Media are not allowed inside the crime scene and law enforcement have released no close up photos of their own.

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