Calaveras Big Trees State Park


These are big trees. Indeed, they are the biggest trees on earth. Here’s the hot tip: You can see them in Yosemite or you can see them here at Big Trees at a fraction of the cost and bother. Big Trees offers no crowds & an unparalleled nature experience. You can walk through them ( you used to be able to drive through them) and witness first hand these biggest of nature’s giants. Calaveras Big Trees State Park is open year round. Moreover, you can picnic, camp, explore and fish here among 6,000 acres. Does it get any better? We doubt it. This is Gold Country’s biggest secret!





Millions of years ago, giant redwoods dominated the entire northern hemisphere. Today, due to climatic changes (El Niño?), these redwoods have all but disappeared. This is one of only 3 locations worldwide. Look at the left of the photo to see the person that allows you to see the true scale of these giant trees.




Do you want to see the Calaveras Big Trees State Park Museum/Visitor Center? Click here.

Need an address or phone number?


P.O. BOX 120
ARNOLD, CA 95223



Calaveras Big Trees State Park is open year round and is easily accessible. It’s just off Highway 4 (15 miles east of Murphys)

A gentle, one mile long, self-guided trail wanders through the North Grove. Plan to spend at least an hour on this self-guided tour. Anything less will cause you to feel hurried.

There are regular picnic areas as well as less formal areas along the Stanislaus River where, during the summer months, swimming and sunbathing are especially popular. The river can be swift though and, at times, a challenge even for accomplished swimmers.

Additonally, there are campgrounds that can be reserved. The phone number for campground reservations:


This is a world class park to visit/experience.

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