Welcome to Oakhurst

Welcome to Oakhurst

Oakhurst is the hub of the most popular corridor to Yosemite. Well over one-million visitors travel to Yosemite via the Highway 41/Oakhurst corridor. Oakhurst was formally known by the somewhat unbecoming name of “Fresno Flats”. The community has been around for a long time, but really began to boom during the 1960’s. A couple of years ago, its right of passage was truly founded–the first traffic lights were installed. Oakhurst is modern — being so close to Yosemite. It has motels, resorts, stores, fast-food–everything you could imagine…and more. Don’t forget to stop by the Visitors Bureau for lots of good local information.

As we mentioned, much of Oakhurst is updated — with all of the needs of Yosemite-bound visitors much in mind. Meanwhile, for a firsthand feel of yesteryear, a short trip to “Fresno Flats” is in order.


This park is open from 1 – 3pm Wednesay thru Saturday for tours, and from 1 – 4pm Sunday. Actually though, you can drop by anytime to look around. Admission is free! The park is on School Road and close to the center of town. If you are on the main street, just turn onto 426 at the stoplight and then left on 427.

Not to be missed in the Fresno Flats Historical Park is the jail — a real jail that landed more than its share of shady characters behind bars back in the 1880s. Just behind the yellow wagon, note the bars on the windows!




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