How much it costs to drive through Yosemite has quadrupled for some and hasbeen reduced to nothing for others. It all depends on where you live!

Effective 5/1/98, the National Park Service has announced that peopleliving in 22 communities near Yosemite can use park roads without paying anentrance fee. They will be required to travel to a destination beyondYosemite and they can’t stop in the park.

Previously, people living anywhere could pay a $5 fee to drive through thepark without stopping. Yosemite area residents can now show their driverslicense at the park entrance and have that same privilege for free. Peopleliving elsewhere though will have to pay the normal $20 park entrance feeeven if they’re driving through the park…to Mono Lake for example.

The NPS says they’ve eliminated the $5 pass through fee because it wasbeing abused. They claim too many people were paying $5 and visitingYosemite Valley.

The 22 communities the park selected for the free drive through privilegeare: Groveland, Buck Meadows, Greely Hill, Coulterville, Big Oak Flat,Moccasin, Mariposa, Bootjack, Catheys Valley, Midpines, El Portal, MountBullion, Fish Camp, Coarsegold, Nipinnawassee, Bass Lake, Oakhurst,Awahnee, Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake and Lee Vining.


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