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Dear Friends,
I greet you from Yosemite

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Dear Friends,
I greet you from Yosemite

Yosemite’s Snow Creek Cabin is open for the winter season!!!

Yosemite’s Wilderness staff opened the Snow Creek cabin for the winter season on Saturday, December 26th. The staff adds, “Please have a safe and enjoyable hut experience!”

I decided to provide you with a little information on the Snow Creek Cabin…..

The Snow Creek ski hut was built in 1929 as the initial cabin in the first hut system for ski-mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada. It was restored in 2006 by Yosemite’s Historic Preservation Office.

The ski hut stands at the edge of a wood near a swampy meadow in the highlands above Yosemite Valley.

Constructed of vertical logs and wood-shingled siding, with a wood shingle roof, the structure was patterned after ski huts in the European Alps.

The interior provided kitchen facilities and sleeping accommodations for about sixteen

people. The hut was intended as a base for high-mountain ski trips into the backcountry of Yosemite National Park.

The Snow Creek ski hut is located on the westerly slope of Mount Watkins at about 7,650 feet elevation. It is a two story, log pole structure supported by a cobblestone/concrete foundation.

A double layer of natural wood-shingled siding. Two- and six-paned windows are wood-framed and covered with wood shutters, painted with a green saw-tooth design. The wood shingle gable roof is supported by exposed pole rafters, which are in turn supported by pole posts added later.

A lean-to storage shed had been added to the east, side. Two new metal flues for cooking and heating stoves protrude from the roof.

The wooden entrance doors have metal sheeting attached to the exterior surface. The entranceway has a rock and earth floor, while wooden planks cover the rest of the cabin’s floors.

Most interior walls and ceilings are fiberboard. The stairs to the second story are hewn logs with a quarter-section cut.

The cabin is at the edge of a wood with a well dug nearby.

About two hundred yards south of the cabin is a small dome, called Herringbone Hill from the pattern made in the snow by skiers climbing the slope on the way to the cabin.

The Snow Creek Cabin is now open for the winter.

Scenic Wonders in Yosemite West is open all year round. When you visit Yosemite, stay in one of our vacation homes or condominiums….before your ski/snowshoe to the Snow Creek Ski hut….above beautiful Yosemite Valley.

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