Top 18 Things to Do in Shingle Springs

Tucked away in the heart of El Dorado County, Shingle Springs, CA, offers visitors a delightful small-town atmosphere with top-notch restaurants, trendy areas, and a rich history. 

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures or a taste of California life, Shingle Springs has it all. So, get ready to go on a thrilling trip to this charming destination. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top attractions and things to do in Shingle Springs that will make your visit unforgettable.

1. Hike the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park
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The Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is just a 20-minute and 12-mile drive from Shingle Springs. This place is what set off the Californian Gold Rush. The park offers a fascinating glimpse into the area’s history, with plenty of outdoor activities to keep you entertained. 

Hike the scenic trails, enjoy a relaxing picnic, or try gold panning. While you’re there, check out the on-site museums. Here you can learn more about this pivotal moment in American history.

2. Hike the El Dorado Trail

El Dorado Trail
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If you love the great outdoors, the El Dorado Trail is a must-visit. This beautiful trail, located just 10 minutes and 8 miles away from Shingle Springs, offers stunning views of the surrounding area and a peaceful escape from city life. As you traverse the trail, keep an eye out for local wildlife and take in the picturesque scenery.

3. Take a Guided Tour of the Apple Hill Orchards

Apple Hill Orchards
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There’s no point in going to Shingle Springs if you don’t visit Apple Hill only 14 minutes and 10 miles away. This popular destination boasts numerous orchards and farms where you can pick fresh apples, tour the farms, and indulge in delicious treats. Seasonal events and activities make Apple Hill an all-year-round attraction.

4. Go Wine Tasting at Cielo Estate Winery

Cielo Estate Winery
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Cielo Estate Winery, a top attraction in the Shingle Springs area, offers visitors an exceptional wine-tasting experience. Sample a variety of exquisite wines while looking at the amazing views from the vineyard. With free cancellation and no added fees, you can relax and enjoy your visit without any worries. The winery is just six minutes and 2 miles away from the town.

5. Experience the El Dorado County Fair & Event Center

El Dorado County Fair & Event Center
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The El Dorado County Fair & Event Center is a fantastic destination for families, offering a variety of fun activities and events throughout the year. From the annual fair to special events, there’s always something to enjoy at this lively venue. The place is just fifteen minutes and 9 miles from Shingle Springs, so you can swing by whenever you want. 

6. Hit the Trails at Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park

Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park
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Just a 24-minute and 17-mile drive from Shingle Springs, Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park offers trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Enjoy the scenic views and the chance to spot local wildlife as you explore this beautiful park.

7. Discover the History at the El Dorado County Historical Museum

El Dorado County Historical Museum
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Step back in time at the El Dorado County Historical Museum. Learn about the region’s rich history, from the Gold Rush to Native American culture. 

With fascinating exhibits and artifacts, this museum is a must-see for history buffs and curious visitors alike. The best part is that the museum’s just fifteen minutes and 8 miles away from the town.

8. Tee Off at the Cameron Park Country Club

Cameron Park Country Club
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Golf enthusiasts will love the Cameron Park Country Club, a premier golf course just 6 minutes and 3 miles away from Shingle Springs. Enjoy a challenging round of golf. Afterward, you can relax and dine at the on-site restaurant. The restaurant offers delicious cuisine and stunning views of the course.

9. Enjoy Outdoor Theater at Olde Coloma Theatre

Olde Coloma Theatre
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Experience a unique theater performance at the historic Olde Coloma Theatre, 20 minutes and 13 miles away from Shingle Springs. This one-of-a-kind outdoor venue offers seasonal performances, allowing you to enjoy a captivating show under the stars. The charming setting and engaging shows make this a must-visit attraction.

10. Admire Nature at the Pine Hill Preserve

Pine Hill Preserve
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Nature lovers should not miss the opportunity to explore the Pine Hill Preserve, a 20-minute and 7-mile drive from Shingle Springs. Home to rare plant species and diverse ecosystems, this preserve offers a chance to hike and observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you wander through this tranquil haven.

11. Go Fishing and Swimming at the Sly Park Recreation Area

Sly Park Recreation Area
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A beautiful destination for outdoor enthusiasts, the Sly Park Recreation Area is just a 30-minute and 27-mile drive from Shingle Springs. The area boasts a lovely lake where you can enjoy fishing, swimming, and non-motorized boating. There are also numerous trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Don’t forget to pack a picnic and enjoy a relaxing meal surrounded by nature.

12. Watch Racing Events at the Placerville Speedway

Placerville Speedway
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Located approximately 20 minutes and 9 miles away from Shingle Springs, the Placerville Speedway offers adrenaline-pumping excitement for racing fans. This popular dirt track hosts numerous racing events, including sprint cars, late models, and more. The thrilling atmosphere and high-speed action make it an unforgettable experience for all ages.

13. Take a Scenic Drive on Highway 49

Highway 49
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Experience the beauty of the California Gold Country with a scenic drive along Highway 49, which passes through historic towns and breathtaking landscapes. Just a 14-minute and 9-mile drive from Shingle Springs, this picturesque route is perfect for a leisurely day trip or weekend getaway. Be sure to stop at the charming towns along the way, where you can enjoy shopping, dining, and exploring local history.

14 Go Wine Tasting at the Boeger Winery

Boeger Winery
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Another fantastic winery to visit in the Shingle Springs area is Boeger Winery, located just 20 minutes and 12 miles away. Sample award-winning wines while marveling at the views of the vineyard and its surroundings. The friendly staff and inviting atmosphere make this a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts.

15. Attend a Concert at the Harris Center for the Arts

Harris Center for the Arts
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Located in nearby Folsom, the Harris Center for the Arts hosts a variety of performances, including concerts, dance, and theater. Just 15 minutes and 12 miles from Shingle Springs, this state-of-the-art venue is a fantastic destination for a night of entertainment and culture.

16. Hike and Explore the Dave Moore Nature Area

Dave Moore Nature Area
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The Dave Moore Nature Area, located along the South Fork of the American River, is a picturesque spot for hiking, picnicking, and wildlife watching. The accessible trails and interpretive signs make this area suitable for every visitor. Just a 30-minute and 13-mile drive from Shingle Springs, it’s an ideal destination for a relaxing day in nature.

17. Enjoy a Scenic Horseback Ride with Rock-N-Water Christian Camps

Rock-N-Water Christian Camps
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Rock-N-Water Christian Camps, located near the American River, offers guided horseback rides through the beautiful California wilderness. Suitable for riders of all experience levels, these scenic tours provide a memorable way to explore the area’s natural beauty. The best part is that it is only 13 miles away, so you can get there in under 20 minutes.

18. Go Cherry Picking at the El Dorado Orchards 

During cherry season, usually in late spring or early summer, El Dorado Orchards invites visitors to pick their own cherries. This fun family activity allows you to enjoy the freshest fruit while spending a delightful day outdoors. The orchard is located just 20 minutes and 15 miles from Shingle Springs.


Shingle Springs, California, is a hidden gem that offers visitors exciting activities and attractions. From outdoor adventures to history and culture, you’ll enjoy everything in this charming small town. We hope this list of the best things to do in Shingle Springs has inspired you to visit and make the most of your trip.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, Shingle Springs is sure to surprise and delight you with its unique blend of natural beauty, history, and vibrant attractions. Happy exploring!

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