10 Best Things to Do in Washington

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a nature lover, or just looking for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Washington has something to offer everyone.

Washington, California, is surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery and countless outdoor opportunities. It is situated in the center of Humboldt County. The city is home to the famed Olympic National Park, where guests may get up close to the largest trees on the planet, the coast redwoods. 

With a wide range of attractions that capture its distinctive character, Washington also boasts a rich cultural and historical legacy. Washington, California, is an exceptional location with a wide range of events and attractions.

However, there’s more to it. So, if you want to learn everything there is to know about Washington, stick with us till the end:

Best Things to Do in Washington

1. Go Fishing at the Yuba River

Yuba River
Photo by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuba_River

The Yuba River is a great place to go fishing, enjoy outdoor activities, and see beautiful scenery in Nevada County, California. The river is known for its clear waters and stunning scenery. With towering cliffs and lush forests, creating a peaceful and serene environment for visitors. 

Rainbow trout, brook trout, and steelhead are some fish in the Yuba River, making it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts, especially for fly fishing. The best fishing conditions typically occur in the spring and early summer.

Many popular places in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, like Nevada City and Grass Valley, have easy access to the Yuba River. There are also several public access points, campgrounds, and picnic areas along the river. 

In addition to fishing, the river and the surrounding area offer a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, kayaking, and swimming. This allows visitors to explore the river and its tributaries, take scenic drives, and participate in local events and festivals.

2. Go Hiking at the Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park

Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park
Photo by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malakoff_Diggins_State_Historic_Park

If you enjoy hiking trails, beautiful picnic areas, and camping, then Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park is for you!

The Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park in Nevada County, California, showcases a former gold-mining town that once ranked among the largest hydraulic mining sites in the world. Today, visitors can explore the remnants of the county and learn about the state’s gold-mining history. 

Visitors can enjoy the area’s natural beauty by hiking on the park’s trails, having a picnic, or camping there.

One highlight of the park is the Diggins, a sizable artificial hole resulting from hydraulic mining. Furthermore, guided tours of the Diggins educate visitors on hydraulic mining techniques and their environmental impact. 

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the scenic forests, rolling hills, and rushing streams surrounding the park. 

The Malakoff Diggins State Historical Park offers a unique and memorable experience for anyone interested in California’s gold-mining history.

3. Explore Gold Mining at Golden Drift Museum

If you are a history buff interested in mining and Washington, then you will love this!

In Mariposa, California, at the Golden Drift Museum, you can learn about the history of the California Gold Rush. This historical museum features a collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the mid-19th century, including miners’ tools, equipment, and personal items.

Additionally, visitors can expect an immersive and educational experience with interactive exhibits. Anyone interested in the history of gold mining in California should go to the Golden Drift Museum. The museum’s extensive collection and hands-on displays give people of all ages a memorable and educational experience.

4. Hike and View Historic Architecture at Tahoe National Forest Headquarters

Tahoe National Forest
Photo by https://content.sierraclub.org/outings/sierra-sampler-tahoe-national-forest-california

The Tahoe National Forest Headquarters, located in Nevada county, California, serves as the main office for the 700,000-acre Tahoe National Forest in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This historic building, built in the 1930s, showcases classic American architecture and has been restored to its former glory.

Moreover, visitors receive a warm welcome and an informative tour of the headquarters, which houses a museum-quality display of artifacts and exhibits about the Tahoe National Forest and surrounding areas. 

The exhibits show the area’s rich history, such as the California Gold Rush and the first settlers, as well as the forest’s natural history.

5. Participate in Educational Programs at Firehouse Museum

The Firehouse Museum in Grass Valley, California, is an excellent place for people interested in history and firefighting. The restored fire station from the 1860s has old firefighting tools and displays about the Grass Valley Fire Department’s history.

Visitors can look at the displays and touch the old equipment. They can also participate in educational programs like firefighting demonstrations and lessons on staying safe around fires. 

Whether interested in history or firefighting, the Firehouse Museum is a must-see in Grass Valley. It’s a unique place to learn about both.

6. Go Cycling and Horseback Riding at Euchre Bar Trail

Euchre Bar Trail
Photo by http://www.greglamy.net/Hiking/EuchreBar.html

People recommend that you bring plenty of water and a map and prepare for changing weather conditions when you plan a trip to the Euchre Bar Trail. The trail is in a wooded area with beautiful scenery and views of hills, meadows, and streams. 

Hiking, cycling, and horseback riding are popular activities along the trail. Although some parts of the course may challenge inexperienced hikers, the well-marked and maintained trail welcomes people of all ages and skill levels.

7. Go Sight Seeing at the Omega Diggins Overlook

Photo by https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/omega-mine-overlook?u=m

Omega Diggins Overlook showcases panoramic views of the surroundings. People visit this spot to admire the natural beauty and take photos. 

The overlook sits on high ground and provides ideas for miles in every direction, including mountains, forests, lakes, and more.

Prepare for changing weather and possible crowds on weekends or holidays. Check parking and accessibility ahead of time. If you love nature or outdoor activities, Omega Diggins Overlook is a must-visit for you.

8. Do Some Shopping at Historic Downtown

 If you enjoy going shopping, this is the perfect location for you.

Washington, California, boasts a charming historic downtown area. It’s a hub of local life with a mix of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions that visitors will love. 

Admire the well-preserved buildings from the late 1800s and early 1900s, many of which boast Victorian-style homes and commercial structures. Discover the town’s rich history through its architecture.

9. Go Mountain Biking

Photo by https://www.sierrasnowplay.com/donner/nyack_snow_park.html

Washington, CA, is a popular spot for mountain biking enthusiasts. It offers diverse trails and terrains suitable for riders of all levels. Some must-ride trails include Euchre Bar Trail, Omega Diggins Overlook, and Nyack Snow Park. In addition, these trails range from easy to challenging and provide breathtaking views of the surrounding forests and hills.

Moreover, if you don’t have your own bike, don’t worry; local shops offer rentals and guided tours. Safety is crucial when mountain biking, so wear appropriate gear like a helmet and gloves and be aware of weather conditions and other riders on the trail.

10. Hike and Take a Swim at the Emerald Pools Trail

Photo by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emerald_Pools

The Emerald Pools trail is fantastic if you enjoy swimming in natural, refreshing pools. The track is suitable for both novices and experienced hikers, and the pools along the way provide a welcome respite from the heat. You can also dive off the cliffs and into the waters below if you’re looking for a little thrill. Try to avoid the weekend crowds by coming here during the week instead.

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This Californian county provides numerous thrilling and unique activities for visitors and residents. So whether you are interested in outdoor adventures, immersing yourself in the local culture, or simply taking a break, this city has it all. 

The top 10 things to do include visiting a beautiful national forest, exploring a historic recreation area, taking a scenic drive, enjoying a spa day, and experiencing the local arts scene at an exploration park. 

With its striking natural beauty and rich cultural offerings, this city will make a lasting impression on all who visit. So why not plan your next trip and explore everything it offers?

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