Welcome to Angels Camp
Downtown Angels

A Little Bit of Heaven in the Mother Lode

Welcome to Angels Camp in Calaveras County…the heart of Gold Country. Angels Camp is blessed with location, location, location. Halfway between Lake Tahoe & Yosemite, this historic community is homebase to a myriad of unique adventures. Looking to escape the tensions of urban life? You will not find a better location than Angels Camp. Read on and we’ll make you a true believer!

The USA’s most celebrated story writer lived nearby. Mark Twain’s first published work “The Celebrated Frog of Calaveras County” made Mr. Twain a household name. All over the town, you’ll find reminders of this famous man…and frog. In the third week of May, thousands of contestants from around the world bring their frogs for this most unique frog jumping competition. Want to see what the Angels Camp “city limit” signs look like? Just click here. Water Cannon
As we told you, Angels Camp is steeped in history. In the heart of California’s Gold Country, the discovery of the precious metal played a vital role in the founding and growth of Angels Camp. A wonderful museum offers an excellent display of those golden heydays. Sign

This is the heart of Gold Country. Would-be miners brought their hopes, dreams and prayers from all over the world…Ireland, Wales, England, Italy, Yugoslavia, China, Mexico and elsewhere. They settled this community and they continue to live here today. Click here to see the Serbian Orthodox Church and the ore-bearing railroad car at its side.

Americans have all heard stories of the pioneer one room school house. That school house exists here in Angels Camp (built in 1859). It’s open for visitors and we invite you to click here for an outside view.

Angels Camp is also home to year round festivals and special events. While the Frog Jumping Jubilee captures headlines worldwide, there are many more. The Celtic Faire is also of major note.

We began this website visit noting Angels Camp’s none better location. We end it by telling you: not only does Angels Camp provide an excellent “in town” experience…but, with Angels Camp as your base, you’re minutes away from world class wineries. Our climate approximates that of reknown wine regions of France. In short, perfect soil conditions, ideal climate and varied elevations all provide the necessary ingredients to produce some of the finest wines of California.

Also close by….water sports, skiing, fishing, swimming, hiking, three huge open-to-the-public caves, giant redwoods, unique shops, fine restaurants and first class historic and picturesque photography. Looking for a place to stay that’s close to everything we talk about here? May we suggest the Best Western Cedar Inn & Suites?

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