Waterfalls are Yosemite’s most spectacular trademark. Nowhere else in the world is there such a spectacular collection concentrated in such a small area as Yosemite Valley. A mild winter can cause many of these falls to dry up as early as July. Any trip to Yosemite would not be complete without seeing the big 3.

Yosemite Falls: Located in the northeast side of the valley, the combineddrop of the upper, middle and lower falls is 2,425 feet–making it thetallest waterfall in North America and the 5th tallest in the world. U.S.Geological Survey records, spanning 4 decades, reveal that, at peak flow,some 144,000 gallons of water spill over these falls in one minute…300cubic feet per second!

Bridalveil Fall: Located on the southern rim of the valley, this 620 footfall is part of Yosemite’s world famous “tunnel view.” It’s an easy hiketo its base from the nearby road. A word of caution though, Bridalveilsends out lots of mist that makes for slippery rocks and, for those notprotected, wet visitors.

Sentinel Fall: Located at the southern rim of the valley and just west ofSentinel Rock, Sentinel drops via many stairsteps, some 2,000 feet–makingit the 8th highest free-falling waterfall in the world.

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