The Future Of Yosemite

One of the park’s biggest problems is overcrowding…too many people converging on the priceless beauty of Yosemite. We’re talking 4 1/2 million visitors a year. During peak visitor periods, the result oftentimes is near gridlock conditions. !n 1994, there were an unprecedented 7 weekends when visitor access was actually restricted.


Additionally, there are related issues, including diesel-spewing tour buses. Some of the solutions being suggested are controversial: a huge parking garage in the already overbuilt Yosemite Valley, or an expensive shuttle system that would route visitors in and out of the valley. Superintendent B.J. Griffin has issued a newsletter addressing this overcrowding problem–a problem so bad, Griffin says, that “given the daily vehicle congestion and resource damage resulting from current visitation levels, unrestricted access cannot continue”.


For the full text of this thought-provoking newsletter, click here:


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