9 Best Things to do In Camino, CA

Camino is one of the top places to visit in California if you want to admire nature. This El Dorado County city has a rich culture, many outdoor activities, and several sights to behold.

A Camino trip can be the best to unwind with your family. Sunny morning amidst the lush greens and quiet city buzz is part of the wonderful experience. You can also engage in activities like fruit picking and wine tasting. However, it could be tough to move around the city if you are visiting for the first time.

So, we have created a list of the best places to visit and things to do in Camino, California. From hiking and having adventures to leisurely walking through nature, this list has an activity for every interest. 

1. Take a Wine Tour at the Crystal Basin Cellars

Crystal Basin Cellars
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If you are a wine lover, one of the first things you must do when in Camino is to visit a winery. In the heart of the wine region in El Dorado County, this town has the best local wineries in California.

Some charge a tasting fee before their activities, but other wineries do not. Our top recommendation for those looking for the best wines in town is the Crystal Basin Cellars. Take a tour and join the wine club, exchanging cute wine gifts while exploring scenic vineyards.

Also,  the winery is three minutes and 1.4 miles away from the main city.

2. Go Hiking, Skiing, or Boating at South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe
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A short distance from the prime city area, South Lake Tahoe is a popular tourist spot in the region. It is one of the best places to visit for outdoor activities.

Moreover, the attractions in the area have much range. You can either check out a ski resort or soak in the sun at a beach. You can also hike the Mount Tallac Trail, taking in the stunning mountain and lake views. Also, you can visit the place in the late evenings to enjoy the nightlife.

There are various nightclubs and bars to visit in South Lake Tahoe at night. 52.1 miles away, South Lake Tahoe is an hour-long drive from the city.

3. Try Golfing at the Apple Mountain Golf Resort

Apple Mountain Golf Resort
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Many tourists are pleasantly surprised to learn of the many golf courses in the region. El Dorado County is an ideal spot for golfing. Camino houses many beautiful golf courses with challenging layouts. Whether you are a pro at golf or trying your hand at it for the first time, there’s a course.

Most of the top golf clubs and resorts here offer breathtaking sights of the nearby sceneries. Only five minutes and 2.5 miles away, the Apple Mountain Golf Resort is amongst the most famous courses here. It features layouts for all skill levels, so you need not worry about adapting if you are new to golfing.

4. Enjoy Rafting in the South Fork American River

South Fork American River
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Another water-side activity, visiting the South Fork American River, is great for outdoor enthusiasts. While whitewater rafting is one of the most popular activities there, the prices are highly reasonable.

For both beginner and pro rafters, rapids range through various classes. The South Fork region is 26 minutes and 17.2 miles from the Camino region.

5. Hike Through the Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park

Cronan Ranch Regional Trails
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Most tourists prefer going on at least one hiking trail in El Dorado County. The Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park is near the South Fork American River.

The park also offers various wildlife viewing opportunities besides its scenic trails and routes. It is 22.9 miles and 33 minutes away from Camino. 

6. Take a Train Tour on the El Dorado Western Railroad

El Dorado Western Railroad
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The El Dorado Western Railroad lets you experience authentic railroad travel. While its initial aim was to transport lumber, the railroad is a famous tourist spot today. Journey through the Sierra Nevada Foothills as a vintage steam locomotive pulls the train.

Finally, this spot is 13.6 miles away, which should take 19 minutes when driving from Camino.

7. Pick Fruits at the Nearby Rainbow Orchards

Rainbow Orchards
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For over 40 years, Rainbow Orchards has opened its doors to visitors wanting to pick fruits. If you visit Camino between August and December, you might experience a day at these orchards. The orchards are less than a mile from the core city, only needing a 2-minute drive. The farm offers fresh produce like no other, so you can visit during events like the apple blossom festival.

Besides fruit picking, you can also learn about the farm’s working process. You can sign up for a complete tour, from the growing processes to the farm machines. Lastly, it is a family destination, with an area for a picnic lunch and a playground for kids.

8. Go Beer Tasting at the Jack Russell Brewery

Jack Russell Brewery
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You will notice the high spirits of locals and beer enthusiasts right when you enter the parking lot. The Jack Russell Brewery in Camino is part of a historic building from the early 1900s. While the main focus of the brewery is serving various beers and ales to visitors, you can find other delicacies.

The brewery serves the whole package, from the classic American burger to pizzas and other treats. Also, you can enjoy live music performances and other events alongside your food and drinks. The brewery is four minutes from the city, just under 1.4 miles.

9. Enjoy Pony Rides, Mazes, and Apple Picking at the Apple Hill Growers Association

Apple Hill Growers Association
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The Apple Hill Growers Association consists of more than 50 farms in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. The farms hold an annual event with various activities, functions, and treats for visitors. If you visit during peak season, you can pick your apples from the trees. This is one of the most popular activities at the Apple Hill farms for tourists.

But it doesn’t end here. You can further select from fruits like pears, berries, and peaches for buying or picking. Also, the place offers pony rides, corn mazes, and pumpkin patch tours. The farms are eight minutes and 7.1 miles from the main Camino area.

9 Best Things to do In Camino, CA – Final Thoughts

Camino is one of the top cities to visit in California. Lying in the heart of El Dorado County, this spot offers various activities for tourists. Moreover, you can even visit locations outside the city during brief day trips. Follow this guide for the best experience in Camino, California.

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